One Hundred Years



One hundred years

One hundred years ago,


You fought for something

That so many didn’t know

And won.


One century on,

What have we done?

One century on,

Where are we now?

We thought we had grown

We believed we had come so far

But I wonder, I wonder

How far?


For today I stand

And still I shout

I scream

I implore

And wonder, time again, if my voice

Will be heard

Any further



Yes. Still the invisible work

Sews it’s seams

Within the tapestry of our daily lives

And, yes, still forever remains to be


Fucking yes.

Fucking still our value is demeaned


And continually undermined


But I look at thee

Who fought so bravely

I look at your footsteps

And I see the shoes you wore,

The dirt, the mud

Soles stained with love

With guts and blood


I can’t imagine

Life without this,

The life you had,

Without this


I thank you


Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Beloveds.

From the depths of

My Heart

For imparting your courage,

Your daring

And belief

To stand up and fight

For this bloody victorious



Oh! For the flame you have lit

And the chant of your dreams

To the beat of your footsteps

And the drum of this song

Oh long, long

May we together march on!



Image: Source unknown

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