Being in water immediately engages us with the present. The silky fluid that contains and cocoons us awakens the surfaces of our bodies. Boundaries are transcended as the connection between self and environment appears seamless and indivisible. Expansiveness offers itself immediately.

Our awareness is heightened and intensified. Breath becomes audible, visual. Our vision, a key sense in placing ourselves in space, is altered as we connect to other senses that locate our physicality in the new and radically different surrounding. Buoyancy calms and placates the nervous system, enabling both body and mind to access a stiller place of being. One that is less attached to the material world. One that moves beyond time and doubt.

Silent dialogues proffer new relations as communication with others become limited and one based on touch. Solitariness shifts to mean something different, something highly pleasurable and greatly affirming. Everyday demands are lessened as we enter this enriched displacement with gravity. They transform into something less pressing as their voices are quietened, possibly drowned.

An immerse sanctuary and haven. A delightful and immense suspension. An escape to, not from, the present.

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