Throughout my adult life, I have been fascinated in conscious engagement, embodiment and the “space in between”. As if haunted by an ancient beat, throughout my working and ‘non’-working life, these themes come back to tug at my questioning time and time again. From my work as a young artist, whilst working in the water and now, as a mother.

After graduating from Goldsmiths in 1993 with a Fine Art Textiles degree, post the hysteria of the artists emerging from there around that time, I quickly began to feel disenfranchised with the values of the art world. With commissions and exhibitions that followed, tired so soon of the environment I was stepping into, I decided to live my life creatively rather than create for something I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in. My degree had fortunately given me the ability to trust intuition and I decided to listen to my gut and carve a path that didn’t particularly fit any certain criteria.

This involved developing over time Waterbody, teaching a therapeutic form of bodywork in the water, and then, combining passions, with The Fear of Falling. My various teachings in the water were featured on Radio 4 Women’s Hour, in The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Time Out and Zest Magazine amongst others. The Fear of Falling was recognised nationally and internationally, featuring in The Sunday Times, The Guardian and BBC website alongside being exhibited at  The Photographers Gallery, Fulham Palace and as part of the Brighton Biennale amongst other shows and nominations.

My intent after completing this was to write a book about Water Consciousness, which The Fear of Falling was due to be part of. I then became a mother and took a brave jump off a metaphorical cliff, unhooking myself from my original plan. The book, which I am slowly working on, has evolved as I have evolved; not in a clear and known direction but in a responsive one to what I learn each day being a parent. When a Water Mother Met Earth is about how by intuitively listening and responding to my son as a newborn and beyond; breastfeeding, co-sleeping baby-wearing…, I was in fact, I later twigged, ‘earthing’ him. My parenting style, which instinctually leaned toward Attachment Parenting, grew enormously, as I began to learn about other parenting approaches such as Hand in Hand and Peaceful Parenting. The more intently I worked with our son, and now too our daughter, I appreciate more and more the significance of the how of ‘earthing’ our children and giving them roots. My writing here is to share my ups and downs of my discoveries along my way and within this website, I hope to bring all spheres of my sometimes seemingly unrelated endeavours, into one space. As a sketchbook almost.

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