Watery Roots


Whilst studying for my degree, I went to the pool as often as I could. To swim, play, practice acrobatics, yoga, chant… A vision within me started to evolve; of me standing in the water, my arms extended with someone lying in my arms. This I knew was my future. As I told explained to friends I wanted to work in the water, they asked, To make artworks? No, I replied. I don’t know quite what, but I do know this is my future.

At the time, this was unknown territory and it took me six years to find something that inspired my future learning Рand becoming. It was a diploma studying an approach to swimming that applied Alexander Technique principles. Most importantly on the course there was a section entitled, Water & Beyond. We studied Watsu, Ai Chi and, after years of feeling, sensing my future, I suddenly found myself standing in a pool of water, my arms outstretched with another being lying in my hands. I had arrived.

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