Swimming is one of many ways to enjoy the benefits of water and learning to swim effortlessly, with grace and style, certainly helps to make the most out of one’s swim. Floating, diving, somersaults and handstands also offer great ways to experience the uplifting joys of the water, but these activities often don’t come as easily for adults as they do for children.

Whether swimming for pleasure or fitness, simply paddling in the sea whilst on holiday or learning to ‘play’ as an adult, the water is a wonderfully nourishing environment to discover and enjoy. And no matter if we find ourselves doing so in a quiet lake, busy pool or even rough sea, at the heart of each body of water there is a great sense of stillness, which when we connect to within, it has a very positive impact on our wellbeing. It soothes, calms and balances the nervous system, whilst the buoyancy of the water significantly relieves stresses and tensions, aches and pains.

This magical combination enables our  minds to effortlessly relax and unwind. And allows us to connect to an incredible sense of inner peace and a mediative state of subtle awareness that is difficult to find elsewhere. And through learning how to invite these qualities into gentle movement, we are able to create an instructive core sense of flow and rhythm that is sublimely fulfilling.

Waterbody, using the water as our teacher, shows us how to completely let go and trust the support of this profound and powerful element, enabling us to fall into a deep space of inner-being and tranquility.

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