For the many….



I don’t want to fuck you up

Said the mother to the child,

Said the next,

And the next

And right on down the line

Till all the mothers cried,

We don’t want to fuck you up!

Yet, said the first,

And the tremor continued,

I’m scared I will


And she turned to her sisters

Who nodded by her side

And sighed,

I would love you to grow

Sweet dear child

Without a beast inside

But, in her lament and woe


I just don’t know how


And then her sisters

Took her hand

And placed it on her heart

And ushered,


Listen here

Here lies wisdom

Here lies the path of trust

Beyond your fear and doubt


And they held her sorrows

In their hearts and mind

And beckoned her to

Follow the road of

Loving deeply

With the knowing

Here she shall, we shall,

Truly find

That these seeming monsters,

Some sleeping

Others calling loud,

When tended with our wonder and listening

Will come back home from the wild

And rest instead inside us,

And our in children too,




For these shadows

That come a creeping

Are really pots of




Image: Caitlyn Connelly


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