Where Might Be The Dreamer?



These days are ones of rumination. Today I drove to see a dear friend, surrounded by immense landscape, feeling my heart burst. I felt a slow pulsing orgasm within it’s chambers as my being sank deeper and deeper into the earth’s holding. And, with this wonderful soul, whom I know of new but can eschew with a great many questions as if of old, we talked and inquired and pondered and imagined. It was a very fine few hours and we spoke of both being drawn for different, as well similar reasons to living in this part of the world, here in Devon, that we inhabit.


Hmm? I thought and posed the notion to her:


What if we weren’t drawn here but were instead taken?


I headed home that afternoon inspired and stimulated, considering this question alongside many other thoughts from our morning together and those recent from the last couple of adventurous navigational months. I started to consider the cultural focus we create within our lives to obtain  our personal dreams, the seeming unending impetus to attend on actualising them and the positing of our power in achieving them, or not (aka failing). And then began to wonder this:


What if our purpose is to surrender to the dream that is living us rather than aspire to living the dream?


What if our power lies not within our dream but instead of seeing that we’re within the dream itself?


Are we able to rouse ourselves to the reality that we are within it’s wings rather than it’s core is within us?


Can we wake up from the sleepiness and realise the dream is in fact wide-awake and is in continual process of being actualised already and know that we are all but simply vessels of it’s extraordinary unfolding?


Is it possible to discover the capacity to participate fully but not get ourselves in the way?


And can we reframe to understand that dreaming is not of the future but actually of now?


I arrived back home needless to say fuelled to write. My solar plexus was pulsing on fire.




I love stealthy conversations. I love the opportunities of being “taken” to them. I love really not knowing. And too, there is one thing that I’m learning more and more these days which is this; the grand significance of GRATITUDE for being part of this humongous, bone-cracking, gob-smacking, heavenly, mighty Dream.




Image: Eugene Delacriox

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