A Bitter Sea of Longing



Dear Child,

There is a sea of plastic, lapping

In the waves

It is killing many of your friends, and destroying

their life

In the Wild

I try to explain

I try not complain

But mostly I worry

What are We to do?


As we drive in the car

Or lie in bed beneath


I attempt to again

Tell that all these things,

Toys, ice-creams, movies

New jeans, donut rings

Come with a mighty, colossal price


They cost our planet

Yes. They cost the Earth

And I talk some more

About wanting



And then the next day

You watch me, dear child

Buy tomatoes and cheese, more bread

Frozen peas

We pick up a snack,

A sandwich, some crisps

We buy a few gifts

Fill up our fuel

There is much on our list


Today. Just like yesterday. Tomorrow

And next week

And with good intent

Unpack each item as we return


Remove packaging, labels, cellophane

And foam

To place in the bin, the one that is green

That is laden full with all

Paper, cardboard, old tins of Baked Beans


And back under night sky

I tell you of birds

Their tummies full

Of plastic

That fell off a ship

We cry,

You and I

But I hold up my hands


Child, will you believe me

When I suggest you choose less?

When you watch me consume?

When I’m trying my best?


I sit on the wall

And impotently

I fail

The industry that manufactured diets

Each one better than before

The industry that left you hungry

And just wanting more

Now holds us at ransom

With eyes open wide

To the guilt, and the shame


Purchase upon


Each passing the blame

Bystanders, simply standing by

We are slaves ever so to this image

Of Liberty

Of want over need

Our hands invisibly,

Intrinsically tied


I want to break free

I want to make change

As I look at my iPhone

And drink the finest organically

Grown coffee

Flown from the further and darkest

And deepest Peru


But will You believe

me, Child?

And how will you value?

As you hear me, dear one

Speak words that

Are empty?

It rattles me daily


I wish I knew

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