Tender-Hearted Boy



Oh tender-hearted,

Dear child

You, with those big green eyes,

Dark locks,

Golden olive skin

Thank you, for showing me

When you’re broken

I will not judge

This, I hope you know

Thank YOU, for telling me

No-one’s thinking about you

Under a moonlit, August sky

As tears streamed

From those beautiful

Green pools

Down your beautiful

Golden olive-ness

Thank you, for allowing me

To see inside

Your soft unfolding

Thank you, for allowing me

To hold you here

My boy,

The one who is imagined

To be hard,



And all that rubbish

Oh! How I love

Watching you place you arm

Around your sister

Your hand on her back

As she wakes

Or is sad

Your head into my chest

Oh! How I love

Hearing your voice

In its soft purring

In your telling

and sharing

Your thoughts, ideas

And dreams

Someone said,

The other day,

How strange she thought it was,

How unusual, it was,

That you cried

Brave Heart

Tender Heart

Boy of light

Child of hope

I am in awe

Of your gentle, growing


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