We all know a bully is a scared person, right?



Open mindedness

Open mindedness

Fucking Racist

Fucking Racist

Open mindedness

Open mindedness


Fucking Racist


You are so twisted

In your anger

So full of hate

Coz of his country of origin

The colour of her skin

So let down and hurting

You’re needing someone to take it out on

Someone to emotionally kick in

And so you thought you’d blame him


And you know you should love

Your fellow brethren

You know you should love them all

But that rage keeps burning and blistering

And you really find it hard listening

Coz no one ever listened to YOU


Open mindedness

Open mindedness

Guardian reading

Middle class liberal blindness


You’re fighting to unite

Fighting to keep on the good fight

But you know now, right?

YOU know this, surely you know this right?


Our comrades from other nations

There is no decree

For their skin colour, sexuality, ethnicity

Or the myriad of other physical manifestations

They are but yet another reason for celebration

Of our humanity, openness,

Shining love and kindness


But if you cross that line mate

If you choose to delineate

To call my friend

Shout her down,

Hoping in a hopeless bid to send her home

I will call you




And when I’m really angry

A Mother-Fucking Nazi


We know a bully is a scared person, right?


Open mindedness

Open mindedness

Compassion, love

And sweet loving kindness


You know mate, I am liberal

You know I embrace

But when it comes to you mister

I do well on hate


I want you to accept

I want you to be like me

Swimming in the delicious arms

Of succulent loving humanity

I forbid you to build walls

I forbid you to feel pain

You must reach your arms forward

You must be wise when you complain


But you’re not like me

You’re not morally superior

You’re not blessed with my privilege

And let’s face it,

You make me fucking angry


So I cast you out here

I sit you

On the other side of the wall

My compassion here

Finds it’s limits

My kindness starts to fall


You will be open-minded, just like me

But I warn you,

It is conditional


We all know a bully is a scared person. Right?


I wonder if I can see your pain

Your fear

Your heavy, exhausted heart

Whether the cage that you clasp

Around it so tightly, will let me peek through

Years of being pushed out

Pushed about

We don’t know whence this came

But I see your disenfranchisement

Your powerless

Your utter, utter sense of let down-ness

And a vengeful need to blame


Your weren’t born racist my friend

Unlike the skin born unto our brothers and sisters

Who you attribute your misery to

And I will stand by and defend

Each and everyone of them

My friend

As, I will by you


Open mindedness

Open mindedness

Breaking down the walls

In the hope

Love will come and find us


Your learned this my friend

From bullies bigger than thee

Using others for their greed

Seeking power at their ego’s need

Seeking power to rule and divide


I will not tolerate

The lies they perpetuate

Yet too I will not castigate

For the rawness of your feeling


And I won’t stigmatise

As you seek to do to others

Coz we’re bigger than this. Right?

I’m going to put down my armoury

Put down my moral fight

But I want you to take responsibility

Of this punishing mentality,

It’s unashamed brutality




I can’t change you

Until I change me

I can’t unite you and I,

Stand in solidarity

Until I untie me

From the division that serves others

Far, far too well

So this mother fucking

War on Terror

From 9/11 to yours and mine front door

No more!


Open mindedness

Open mindedness

Knocking down walls

Locked deep down inside us

Open mindedness

Open mindedness

I pray you will help come guide us


We all know a bully who was a scared person, right?

Please no longer lock her in a corner

We all know she’ll only come back

With a far bigger bite




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